Tatty Teddy My Blue Nose Friend Rhino

My Blue Nose Friends are cute, cuddly and completely irresistible. Start collecting now!Ivory the Rhino is Number 81 in the My Blue Nose Friends collection. Shes the no-nonsense rhino who gets straight to the point? lock horns with her and youll soon know whos in charge!My Blue Nose Friends are best friends with each other? and with Tatty Teddy, the adorable Me to You teddy bear. All the characters have blue noses and cute patches, and they cant wait to play!There are over 100 My Blue Nose Friends in the collection, and each has its own unique number and personality. With so many My Blue Nose Friends to choose from, a world of fun and adventure awaits Tatty Teddy and his adorable Friends. Why not join in the fun today!