Sticker Rhinoceros Head Durable Motorbikes Speciality waterproof Sai Matte_Gold (12 X 9.46 In)

Here at ATA we aim to make high quality graphic output available to the general public through innovative online design technologies, innovative order processing, and extraordinary customer support. No one can beat our quality. We will take the quality challenge with any sticker printing company on the planet. Seriously. In order to print our custom outdoor stickers, we use the highest quality materials and inks available. Most companies use the cheapest materials they can get in order to save money. Our sticker material is custom made to our high standards. WeÕre constantly experimenting with new materials and always evolving our process to provide the highest quality stickers in the world. We never skimp on the labor or the materials. The results are incredibly high quality custom stickers.

  • Sticker size is 12 X 9,46 inches. Sticker Color is Gold-Matte
  • Avery, Orajet 60 micron polymeric vinyl with transfer tape. Water Resistance, weather resistant.
  • Can be applied wet or dry. 6-7 year outdoor rating. Cannot be applied on walls or other porous surface. Stick to any clean smooth surface like glass. Cannot be applied on walls or other porous surface. Ideal For: any flat surface requiring permanent adhesive - paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal (e.g. outdoor equipment identification). Not Recommended For: applying directly to fabric of garments - these labels work best on sewn-in clothing care tags in order to be machine washable.
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